Kids love the magic of the underwater world. And with summer holidays approaching, there can’t be a better time for kids to enjoy some ocean themed movies that are entertaining, imaginative and informative. Pick the perfect one for your kids to watch.

The Little Mermaid – The rite of passage for childhood is watching the Little Mermaid, a Disney Movie based on the 1959 fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. This wistful story is about a mermaid, Ariel who falls in love with a fish-eating human. The rebellious redhead’s fascination with humans infuriates her father, Triton, the king of the sea.  Watch as Ariel saves her prince from a sinking ship, triumphs over the villain Ursula and has adventures with her adorable sea-mates, Flounder the guppy and Sebastian the crab.

Ponyo – Yet another imaginative story by Anderson, Ponyo is a musical that introduces us to a little fish-like creature who doesn’t want to stay in the water. Sosuke, a young boy on the beach finds and rescues Ponyo and they form a wonderful bond. Ponyo turns into a little girl and together, the duo have grand adventures before fate takes a dramatic turn.

Finding Nemo – A movie that will have your kids on the edge of their seat, Finding Nemo is a hit movie about a young clownfish who gets separated from his father and his father’s attempt to find and rescue him. Kids will love watching the abundance of creatures from sharks to jellyfish and root for Nemo as he finds his way from his tank in the dentist’s office to the ocean again.

Finding Dory – A sequel to Finding Nemo, Dory, the cute blue Tang fish with a short-term memory, has her own adventures after helping Nemo’s dad, Marvin find Nemo. With help from the two clownfish she helped, she sets out to find her family and lands up at the Marine Life Institute, home to diverse sea creatures. While Dory tries to save her mom and dad, everyone learns the true meaning of family along the way.

Free Willy – Willy is a killer whale that has been trapped by fishermen and sent to an amusement park while Jesse, a 12 year old orphan boy is caught by police for stealing food and vandalizing the theme park. The two form an unbreakable bond when Jesse is sent to clean up graffiti at the park as punishment. The villainous park owners first want to exploit the relationship between boy and whale, and then kill Willy for insurance money. Find out what happens next!

Dolphin Tale – Like Free Willy, Dolphin Tale is about a boy, Sawyer who finds a dolphin tangled in a fishing net. The dolphin, named Winter has lost her tail but miraculously survived. Sawyer, with the help of a doctor embarks on an ambitious project to give Winter a prosthetic tail. The story is a source of hope for many.

Deep Sea 3D – A movie unlike most, Deep Sea 3D gives us a glimpse into the rarely seen, exotic underwater ecosystem that thrives in the deepest parts of the ocean. From turtles gathering algae to clean their shells to giant squids rapidly changing colour, this fascinating movie will show kids the wonders of the ocean and ways in which the creatures of the deep water are dependent on each other.

These must-see fish films will definitely grab your child’s attention, educate and inspire him!