Seafood lovers now get to enjoy year round fish thanks to aquaculture.

“Okay, but do you have fish?”

These are the famous lines from a helpless Bengali working in Chhattisgarh, and then it began to rain outside, crushing all his dreams of a homely meal.

Taste is of paramount importance and fish is an absolute necessity for Indians who grew up in coastal regions such as Goa, Kerala, or West Bengal. Several people of such origin have been displaced inland in search of work, education and the likes. These coastal Indian cultures rely heavily on fish as a staple diet, and having to move to a place where fish is not as easily available as it is back home, becomes a daily cause of disappointment. In the rainy season when there is a ban on fishing, the availability of fish becomes a distant dream. However this doesn’t have to be the case with companies like Cambay Tiger, whichfarm their fish as opposed to catch it, ensuring taste all year round, and more importantly the mobility of taste of your seafood, no matter how inland you are.

Gone are the days where your diet had to be dictated by location and season. You can now gain your nutrients and comfort from Basa and Tilapia, or prawns and mud crabs, as your taste buds please, wherever you are and whenever you are, all thanks to fish farming that has its harvest in the monsoon season when the availability of caught fish is at its most dire. Aquaculture is carried out in artificially created farms that replicate the natural ecosystem the various seafood species thrive in, to ensure that their taste and nutrient value is not compromised on. Cambay Tiger is one such company that eliminates the middleman by farming their own fish and preserving its freshness and quality all the way till it reaches your plate.

Their range of marinated products or frozen foods also provide a replication of taste as far as the actual cooking of the produce is concerned, wherever you are, and irrespective of the season. The good thing about such companies that eliminate the middleman is that you can order live fish that would be removed from water only after you place the order. The mobility and immediacy of the availability of produce has reached incredible heights, owing to this shift in reliance on caught fish to farmed fish.

It is a reality that environmental sustainability is of paramount importance in today’s times and expecting laws which protect it to be repealed, is not only naive but highly negligent. A better approach however, would be to look for an alternative source of the diet you rely on, and the diet you have grown up used to. This is possible if people were to realise that there is nothing unnatural about farmed fish, in fact it only enhances both nutrition and taste. Above everything else, it solves the problem of having to adapt to a different daily diet just because you’re living away from home.

You can take the Bengali out of Bengal, but don’t you dare try to take his fish away! With companies like Cambay Tiger relying on aquaculture, neither location nor season can separate a Bengali from the food he loves. If you have a hankering for the traditional food made by your mother back home in Karnataka or the one you cooked every day back home in Andhra, a little bit of rain should nevercannot keep you from it, right?

That’s some ‘fish’ for your thought right there.!