Buying fish with the click of a button, this is the modern shopping experience!

Whetheryou move to the city and are living alone for the first time, or if you’re the modern day ‘working housewife’ managing home and kitchen simultaneously, or the husband who stereotypically doesn’t know how to cook, shopping for fish in the local fish market is hardly up your alley. Either due to a time constraint or a simple dislike for the stench and crowd of fish markets, people living in urban households tend to avoid cooking fish altogether because they’re worried packaged products might lack in quality. However, with new age fish markets that operate online, like that of Cambay Tiger, going to the fish market is no longer essential if you wish to enjoy some great quality seafood at home! Furthermore, because companies like these understand the importance of ready to eat foods and frozen foods that preserve quality, even the cooking process need not be a difficult one.

That being said, everyone knows that when it’s the monsoon season, irrespective of whether you buy your fish online or from the fish market, you won’t find fresh produce, right? Wrong; companies like Cambay Tiger farm their fish, thus eliminating the dangers of caught fish in the monsoons, or their lack of availability owing to a ban on fishing during the monsoon months. The benefit of aquaculture is not only in the fact that fish can be enjoyed all year round, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in the environmental benefit it poses. The reason for the ban on fishing in India during the monsoon months is that this is the breeding season for the fish and depleting their populations without allowing them to replenish, will inevitably result in empty seas, and ultimately lead to the extinction of the species of fish we love to eat. Thus, aquaculture is the solution which allows us to consume fish all year round, and is the long term answer to our fish diets, while allowing natural reserves to develop post the fishing season.

The monsoon season is also the season of harvest for aquaculture fish which is perfect considering that during the monsoons, farmed fish is the only reliable source of the much needed nutrients you are used to consuming. As an urban consumer, environmental sustainability and consciousness is of great importance and companies like Cambay Tiger facilitate this by eliminating the middleman and farming their own fish. Thus not only is farmed produce bought and sold through online markets and few feature stores more convenient, it is also more beneficial.

Growing up our parents often warn us that dealing with the chores and responsibilities that come with being an adult would dampen down the feeling of freedom that we desperately seek. However we don’t have to do things the way our parents did. The fish market has been a euphemism for something intolerable during all our school years. Buying fish of all things should not be a difficult task and neither should it be restricted by season. Relying on companies like Cambay Tiger for your seafood requirements is the smart, non-smelly, hassle free path to take!