Butter garlic prawns are the three golden words that every seafood lover is melted by. Prawns are considered a speciality, or a delicacy as opposed to other fishes such as king fish or basa and can be cooked in any curry or preparation.

Like any other fish, prawns are subjected to the ban on fishing during the monsoons. Companies like Cambay Tiger farm their own prawns locally, making these restrictions easily bearable for the average prawn eater.

Cultured prawns are beneficial both in terms of environmental sustainability, and in terms of health. Prawns have a high growth rate and are easier to culture in high densities, that means farming prawns is not only quick, it also has a superfluous yield. A greater consumption of farmed prawns therefore would correlate to a lower consumption of wild caught fish, thus preserving biodiversity! Their dietary protein requirement is also low compared to other fish or meats, which also lends to a preservation of biodiversity and a reduced contribution towards global warming (due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions from cultivation of protein as feed).  If fishing companies are to follow the lead of environmentally conscious enterprises such as Cambay Tiger, prawn farming is a good way to start given that it is a relatively easy product to cultivate.

Prawns come with added health benefits that are great for counteracting the ill effects of aging, deterring cancer, keeping cardiovascular diseases in check, and even alleviating menstrual pain! Prawns are high in protein and Vitamin D, but lacking in carbohydrates, thus being the perfect choice for those that are weight conscious. It’s zinc content helps prevent hair loss and its calcium, phosphorous and magnesium contribute to bone health. All these celebrities that never seem to age probably eat a lot of prawns! Prawns also have a high quantity of iron which is great in maintaining brain health. Carotenoids and Selenium present in prawns reduce the risk of various types of Cancer such as lung or prostate Cancer.  It’s omega-3 fatty acids help reduce damaging cholesterol which in turn results in reduced menstrual pain! Perhaps for 5 days a month all women should turn prawn-etarian!

Prawn farming has often been associated with unhygienic aquaculture practices and has a stigma associated it since cultured prawns are relatively new in India. With companies like Cambay Tiger that rely on best aquaculture practices, hygiene is definitely not an obstacle consumers should be worrying about. All that is worrisome is the state of our oceans and the drastically reducing biodiversity. An increased reliance on cultured prawns could rid us of that worry as well!