Battling the common misconception on Frozen food, we share how freezing seafood keeps it’s nutrients intact, so you can enjoy your favourite dishes any time you want!

You insist on buying your vegetables and fruits from the green grocer every day. Because you believe in eating fresh. That’s a very nice sentiment. However, most fresh food has a nutritional lifespan of up to 5 days. And the vegetables and fruits that you buy thinking they are fresh, even they are days old. They take days to reach the fresh produce markets and then sit for days on the supermarket shelves before they reach your kitchen.

On the other hand, what would you call those peas that you painstakingly shell every winter and freeze them so they can be used the whole year? Or the pulp you make from your favourite Alphonso mangoes so you can savour chilled mango milkshake in the middle of winter? Or when you freeze tomato, mint chutney or lemonade cubes? Or those luscious prawns you got hold of at an unbelievable price at the market and you froze them so that you could enjoy them later.

Are they fresh or frozen?

You would say fresh and frozen. You had frozen fresh foods thus stopping the growth of bacteria that ages and spoils food. In the same manner, seafood is frozen. And, due to better infrastructure, the nutrition of the food is kept intact.

So, on a weeknight, when you are too exhausted to rustle up something from scratch for yourself, this freshly frozen seafood comes to your rescue and you can have gourmet meal in a matter of minutes. And enjoy a variety of frozen seafood in any season, at any time. And, all nutritious!

So, the next time you see a packet of frozen seafood at the supermarket or call for home delivery from Cambay Tiger’s frozen seafood section, do not hesitate, just pick it up and relish a fresh and delicious meal anytime you want.