To keep your diet running strong, you must feed it fish! Diets today are largely becoming seafood centric, since they come naturally packed with essential nutrients that would otherwise need to be sourced from several different foods. In India, there is a ban on catching and eating fish during the monsoon season due it being breeding season.

While this is the season where caught fish is considered off limits, it is also the harvest season when it comes to farmed fish! Companies like Cambay Tiger farm a large share of their seafood produce thus ensuring that you need not compromise your diet because of the concentration of water in the air around you! Humans have consistently found ways to evade the limitations of nature’s laws, and aquaculture is another such ingenious mechanism.

To benefit from a diet, it is important to stay on course and not have to change it simply because of a change in season. Cambay Tiger even works with their own nutritionist who recommends fitness packs that are designed around a fish-friendly diet. Health conscious people are likely to be weary of the risks of eating fish during the monsoon season, however the advantage of farmed fish is that it not only free from these risks, it is highly nutritious.

Diets need not be simply for the purpose of maintaining physique, but essential to health. For example it is a great source of nutrition for cholesterol management, maintaining bone health, and eye care. Fish is also known for its benefits in preventing autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, preventing asthma in children, and even helps prevent and treat depression (owing to the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish), or disorders such as the bipolar syndrome.

Fitness is a way of life, and fish is a great way to lead that life. Apart from preventing diseases or being healthy for those concerned with weight management, fish also provides nutrients essential for development in the early years, while also increasing grey matter protecting it from deterioration with old age. Fish is also the only dietary source of Vitamin D. If you’re lactose intolerant, fish is a great lesser-known source of the nutrition you need.

Health should not be compromised on because of the temperamental nature of weather of all things! To keep food cool we have fridges and to heat it up we have microwaves; being the superior species we are we cannot possibly bend to the will of rain! Cambay Tiger is one such pioneer with it’s year round availability of fish owing to its reliance on aquaculture. The notion of farming has long been associated with land, however today aquaculture is growing at a fast paced rate with people realising the overall benefit that farmed fish has over caught.

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