Frozen Fish

It’s no surprise when we say that Cambay Tiger is one of the biggest frozen fish suppliers in Mumbai. From ready-to-eat meals to fish steaks, cuts and fillets, we’ve got it all – each customizable to the cut, size and bone, making us the best place to buy frozen fish online! Transcending new heights in taste, hygiene and quality, our products are thus, as value for money as they are premium. Which is why, as one of the leading frozen fish suppliers in Mumbai, you can always count on Cambay Tiger whenever you are looking for a delicious seafood experience straight from your freezers to your plates – you don’t need to look beyond Cambay Tiger when you are planning to buy frozen fish online! Prawns, basa, seer fish or tilapia, we know the best from the very rest – and here, we plan to make each memory a fulfilling one!

So is all the seafood talk tempting you buy frozen fish online right away? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our online fishing rods await you. Shop away.

Simply look at it, ‘Frozen Seafood’ is fresher in comparison to your ‘Fresh Seafood’ as in the case of the former, the freshly caught seafood is immediately frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees. The frozen seafood also serves for the convenience of our customers, who do not have to bother to go to a fish market, select fish, bring it home, clean and cut it. Frozen fish avoids wastage as you could buy your requirement of a few months, keep in your freezer and use as required. So in conclusion, where do you go when you need to buy frozen fish online in Mumbai?

Cambay Tiger, of course!

Best Frozen Fish Suppliers In Mumbai

Cambay Tiger – World’s Favourite Prawns – A classic case study of our fully integrated (hatchery to fork) model
We make our own seeds (fertilised eggs using high-quality Specific Pathogen Free Broodstock) at our own hatcheries at Diu and Kumta. These seeds are matured to larvae, which is reared in farms to full-grown prawns; processed, frozen and packed at our processing plant in Surat and exported or retailed in the domestic market. Our Cambay Tiger Prawns are amongst the World’s Favourite Prawns. Our hatcheries at Diu and Kumta are located near the sea, resulting in better performance. Our prawn farms are located in Gujarat, Maharashtra & Karnataka. We have 200 hectares of company-owned farms. We practise world class prawn farming and provide training and support to prawn farmers for generating a high-quality yield. We procure probiotic feed (for prawns) from CP Foods of Thailand, the world’s largest makers of fish feed. We are among first few companies in India to use Mechanical Harvester for Prawn Harvesting. This ensures the antennae and appendages of prawns do not get affected, thereby restoring its quality and high value. We grade and sort our prawns at our processing facility in Surat, thereby maintaining consistency in its quality, size and shape. The processing plant has high-grade processing lines, and international grade freezing lines such as Blast, Individual quick Freezing/plate freezing. We are the pioneers of brine freezing in the country. We have secured international Quality Certifications such as Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), BRC, HACCP, IFS, ISO 22000, USDC.