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At Cambay Tiger, we give fresh live fish a whole new meaning. Bred naturally on our farms, so that you can have the perfect seafood meal – our live fish for sale are reared by our team of skilled experts so that you can have an exhilarating experience every time you take a fresh new bite! India’s premium live fish online store lets you buy live fish online that can be customised to the bone

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With stores in Bandra, Lokhandwala in Mumbai and Defence Colony in Delhi, a thriving e-commerce portal that lets you cast your hopes for some tasty seafood, we make sure that great food is only a few clicks away

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Buy Live Fish Online

At Cambay Tiger, we sell live Tilapia and Mud crab. Our experts rear Tilapia with the same care, a mother takes to rear her babies. They select Tilapia seeds (fertilised eggs) meticulously ensuring that only the best quality breed is selected and cultivated for your palette. The babies are reared in fresh-serene blue-green reservoirs of the country, with standard cage culture practice, so that you get the best of the best live fish for sale in the country with a quality that is unmatched anywhere in the country.

Cage culture is rearing fish in the net enclosure with minimum predatory pressure. It is a new technology which is practised in confined water bodies, where the quality fish seed is reared organically with well monitored probiotic diet in a pollution free environment. The controlled environment yields us hygienic Tilapia fish. Also, the fresh water gives it a distinctly neutral flavour.
On maturing, live fish is loaded and transported in state-of-the-art tanks directly to our customers. We at Cambay Tiger follow global standards of rearing, harvesting, grading and sorting Tilapia and thus assuring a consistency in quality, shape and size when you are buying live fish online at our online fish store.

Our farm grown fish is not smelly as you find in your local fish market. That’s the sign of freshness as fresh fish does not smell at all. Any chef or a connoisseur will vouch for the quality we deliver when we sell our live fish online! Tilapia is the world’s largest consumed fish, rich in proteins and minerals. It helps in muscle growth & development. Regular consumption of Tilapia gives you a healthy heart, brain and bones.
Mud crabs are dominant along the West and East coasts of the country, primarily in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Odisha. We source it from the suppliers who maintain standard crab rearing practices.