Raw Fish

At Cambay Tiger, we can safely say that we are the proud purveyors of the best raw fish India has to offer online - from delicious prawns to tasty seer to tantalising tilapia, we’ve got it all under our roof. Our raw fish is renowned for its taste, flavour and premium quality, promising a great meal every time you buy seafood from our online stores with a few simple clicks – it’s everything you could ask for, and more! So are you looking to buy raw fish online in Mumbai?

You don’t need to cast those nets far and wide because we are selling raw fish online right here. Selling fish that is customizable to cut, size and marinade, Cambay Tiger is your number one portal to buy raw fish online! In fact, our salmon comes all the way from Norway, which produces the finest breed in the world.

We guarantee that the raw fish online you order at cambaytiger.com will be of the top notch quality as we source our fish from the cream of suppliers in the city. We carefully select our suppliers, who meet stringent quality parameters for trawling and ice packing and distribution practices. We reject suppliers who do not match our quality parameters. The fish is transported, stored and distributed using the best cold chain logistics – this is the best place to buy raw fish online in Mumbai, and the rest of the country.

Buy Raw Fish Online

We supply our fish the way you want, be it fillet, steak, or chops, and pack it in a hygienic vacuum pack, ensuring better food preservation. We have started selling our raw fish online in branded pre-packs to give that special ‘Cambay Tiger’ guarantee. We also use Modified Atmosphere Packaging, which ensures better food preservation – this ensures that the raw fish you buy online is as fresh as your next home cooked meal.

You may order and buy the following raw fish online - White prawns, seer fish, black pomfret, mud crabs, sardines, ladyfish, Chinese pomfret, silver pomfret, silver anchovies, rawas, mackerel, rohu, catla and Tilapia, marine shrimp, scampi, lobster, squid, shark, hilsa, snapper, Indian salmon, Bombay duck, and seabass.