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Vannamei prawn is our prized catch known for its delicate flavor, rich taste and soft texture. A good looking Prawn/ Shrimp will have a bluish green color.
Cambay Tiger Farms the best Vannamei Prawns ranging in size from Small, Medium and King Size. Phosphorus found in abundance in prawn which aids in the formation of teeth and bones.It possesses trace element selenium, which is beneficial for triggering the activity of thyroid glands & the immune system. Known to be an excellent source of protein & vitamin B12, which helps in maintaining red blood cells & nerve cells. 

Commonly known as : Prawns, Konch, chemmeen, Konj,Eral, Eraal, ira, Boli etti, etti,Royyalu(Tl)jhinga,chingri,sungat,Chaha,harina,bagda,Kalri, madak, jaira, lassa,gambari,Whiteleg Shrimp,Shrimp,King Prawn,Litopenaeus 

Prawn recipie : prawn curry & garlic dipped prawns

Nutritional info : Serving 100gms

Calories1,608Sodium7,072 mg
Total Fat64 gPotassium3,537 mg
Saturated20 gTotal Carbs73 g
Polyunsaturated0 gDietary Fiber26 g
Monounsaturated0 gSugars35 g
Trans0 gProtein192 g
Cholesterol640 mg  
Vitamin A176%Calcium70%
Vitamin C175%Iron108%