Garlic Naan

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Ingredients (Say hello to the right mix): Refined whole wheat flour,edible oil, water,coriander, salt, sugar, dry yeast, baking powder.

Allergy Advice: Wheat Gluten, soya, Milk, Milk Product,sesame

It's important to keep count
NUTRITION FACTS I Per 100g serving


347.9 kcal


7.6 g


62.7 g


 3.2 g


 7.4 g

PREPARATION: 1. Heat a non stick Pan/tawa until medium hot, place the frozen garlic naan on the pan. 2. Apply vegetable oil or ghee and heat for 2-3 minutes until it turns to golden brown. 3. Turn it over and repeat the process, apply gentle pressure to ensure uniform heating. 

Keep your seafood happy

STORAGE: Keep it frozen at -18°C or less, it's not a big fan of summer. Do not refreeze after defrosting... too many weather changes for its liking :)