3 Seafood recipes to perk up the rainy season

The sight of the rain, the scent of the fertile earth, the cool breeze and the claps of thunder have a way of whetting our appetites. Yes, the monsoon inevitably makes us all want to snack and nibble on something, especially if it is hot, spicy or crispy. More often than not, we end up snacking on a...

The only spicy grilled shrimp recipe you'll ever need!

Easy to make, loved by all, and spicy, these are the 3 things you want in the ideal recipe! 

7 Chefs You Must Follow To Cook Delicious Meals

Fancy cooking delicious meals? If so, here are the list of 7 Chefs you must follow. 

Seafood might just save the planet's diet!

Aquaculture is increasingly being viewed a technique to reduce the unsustainable practice of poultry farming.

5 ways to cook Basa

One of the easiest fish to cook, Basa is as good as it gets for clean, simple and delicious seafood. 

Healthy living through organic, farmed fish.

Farmed fish is the answer to healthy living for everyone interested in living a sustained, healthy lifestyle. ...

Prawns: The most underrated seafood you're not having

Butter garlic prawns are the three golden words that every seafood lover is melted by. Prawns are considered a speciality, or a delicacy as opposed to other fishes such as king fish or basa and can be cooked in any curry or preparation....

Spicy Tilapia Masala Curry recipe

Tilapia is a popular fresh water fish and is consumed all over the world. In fact, it is the 4th most eaten fish in the US, falling behind shrimp, salmon and canned tuna. And is gaining popularity in India as well because it tastes mild and pleasant, it offers a lot of meat, and has low mercury...

Baked Basa fish recipe

Fish baked in foil make for simple, quick weeknight meals. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make the spice mix and while the fish is baking, you can go on to doing other things. Yet another advantage is that baked fish is healthy, given the fact that oil isn’t an ingredient in many such recipe...

5 ways to eat Tilapia

Not many know that the mild flavour and firm flesh of tilapia are conducive to many cooking methods. It absorbs creamy sauces and marinades just as well as it forms a golden crispy skin on the frying pan in minutes! Here are 5 ways you can prepare it...

Go fish (or farm!)

Seafood lovers now get to enjoy year round fish thanks to aquaculture.

Online: the new marketplace for seafood

Buying fish with the click of a button, this is the modern shopping experience! 

Seafood's contribution to a healthy diet

To keep your diet running strong, you must feed it fish! Diets today are largely becoming seafood centric, since they come naturally packed with essential nutrients that would otherwise need to be sourced from several different foods. In India, there is a ban on catching and eating fish during ...

This is the modern shopper's food chain in 2017!

From farm to (fridge) to fork! This is how the modern shopper's food chain typically looks like in 2017!

The new age food revolution

Aquaculture is the answer to delicious seafood in the monsoon

Eid Mubarak-celebrating with seafood!

Unlike many Indian festivals, Eid ul Fitr has nothing to do with seasons or harvests. But it is purely spiritual – thanking Allah for having given the will, strength and endurance to observe fast and obey his commandment during the holy month of Ramadan. ...

5 must-do experiences in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the most underrated travel destinations! But for those who go off the beaten track, they can discover a country like no other. Bolivia offers surreal landscapes, vibrant cities and tons of activities for adventure enthusiasts. Here are some of the attractions you simply cannot miss...

7 Things to do on the weekend, to make for an easier week ahead

As tempting as it is to completely shut off on the weekends, is the anxious feeling you have throughout the week really worth it? Everyone deserves to relax on the weekend, and it is the healthy thing to do. But for those who spare a few moments to plan their week ahead and accomplish a few things w...

5 Food groups you should eat daily

We are what we eat!! What we eat determines how well our body is fuelled and how seamlessly it runs. Eating a clean, balanced diet with components from every food group is essential to good health now and in the long term. ...

You are what you cook and eat

We are sure you must be bored to death about hearing about how food was always fresh and of superlative quality, from your grandparents. Well, it’s true! In the good ol’ days, vegetables were sourced locally, wheat and rice were grinded at home and cows and buffaloes were milked for dairy every ...