Marinated Fish

At Cambay Tiger, we make sure that we give taste its undue importance – our selection of marinated fish and in-house marinades including fiery tandoori, delicious garlic butter, zesty lemon pepper and tangy chilli basil are packed with flavour, helping make our seafood specialties a little more special, so that you create memories with every single bite that you take – we are the best-marinated fish suppliers in Mumbai, online and more!
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Buy Marinated Fish Online in Mumbai

We would like to relieve our customers from the headache of going to the fish market, tiringly select their fresh fish, come home and marinate them as guarantees the freshest marinated fish in Mumbai – we ensure it all!

Marinades are for customers who look for convenience in their busy lifestyle. Working couples, instead of spending their Sundays on the smelly, noisy streets of Sassoon Docks, looking for their favourite fish could instead spend that rare day in the cosy comforts of their home! We marinate our fish using the best quality spices and condiments. Customers could also order for items such as marinades, canned fish and regional fish pickles online making the most of our titles as the biggest marinated fish suppliers in Mumbai!